2 Million New Jobs Created in Trump’s First Yr, ‘Experts’ Predicted Markets Would Tank (Details)

President Trump has surprised and surpassed the expectations of millions of Americans during his first year in office – even many conservatives.

Here’s more good news about the economy the MSM doesn’t want people to know…

From Daily Caller:

2 million new jobs were created in 2017 with a 4.1% unemployment rate capping a record year of growth for the U.S. economy, the December 2017 jobs report confirms.

December saw an additional 148,000 jobs added, modestly missing expectations. Chris Rugaber of the Associated Press noted that it is the smallest number of jobs added in years largely because there are simply not as many unemployed people to hire.

The Daily Wire has more on ‘experts’ predicting a Trump failure if elected:

“The HuffPost presidential forecast model gives Democrat Hillary Clinton a 98.2 percent chance of winning the presidency. Republican Donald Trump has essentially no path to an Electoral College victory,” wrote the liberal website on Nov. 7, 2016.


But banks and other financial “experts” made the same kind of dire predictions before the election. If Trump was elected, the markets would implode, banks would crumble and millions would instantly become destitute.


“A win for Donald Trump in next week’s election could take a big bite out U.S. stocks, according to the latest forecast from Citi,” CNN wrote on Nov. 4, 2016.

“In a note to clients late Thursday, the bank said the S&P 500 will fall by 3% to 5% immediately if Trump is elected. A victory by Hillary Clinton wouldn’t move stocks significantly, it predicted.”

Wait, CNN got something wrong?

Trump for the win?


Keep up the great work, Mr. President!

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