5 Times CNN Botched the News So Bad They Were Forced to Correct – Just in 2017

CNN caught in a lie? The left will never accept it, but the right knows it to be true – on a number of occasions. Here are five of CNN’s worst reports from 2017…

From Daily Caller:

CNN Spreads Fake News…About Fake News!

CNN was one of several establishment media outlets to spread fake news about a new study on Russian influence efforts in the United States. CNN cited the study, from the Oxford Internet Institute, to show that fake news targeted swing states during election week. But the study didn’t show that, as The Daily Caller first reported.

The study focused on “junk news,” not “fake news,” and then deliberately included conservative outlets like the Washington Examiner and Breitbart News in their definition of “fake news.” CNN and other outlets included none of those facts, portraying a misleading picture to the public.

Republican Donor Did (Not) Fund The Dossier

CNN spread fake news to its viewers during a segment on the infamous anti-Trump dossier in October. While CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer discussed the dossier, the chyron on his show indicated that a Republican donor had initially funded the dossier. That is incorrect. The opposition research firm behind the dossier, Fusion GPS, had contracted with Republican donor Paul Singer for research on candidates including Trump, but that was unrelated to the controversial dossier.

Fake (Fish) News

During President Trump’s visit to Japan last month, CNN spread two false narratives about the president. The first false narrative was that Trump committed a faux pas while feeding Japanese koi fish by impatiently pouring out his entire box of fish food. CNN zoomed in close on Trump while he and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe were feeding the fish, appearing to show the president making the embarrassing mistake. The video went viral and Trump was mocked on social media.

Trump Is (Not) Ignorant Of Japanese Cars

In the second false narrative that CNN spread during Trump’s Japan visit, the network took the president’s words out of context to make him appear ignorant of the fact that Japan makes cars in the United States. “Trump asks Japan to build cars in the U.S. It already does,” CNN Money’s Daniel Shane wrote.

As TheDC’s Alex Pfeiffer noted at the time, Trump’s full remarks — which Shane left out — clearly showed that Trump was aware of the fact that Japan makes cars in the U.S. His remark, which CNN took seriously, appeared to be a joke.

CNN Botches Another ‘Bombshell’

CNN botched another “bombshell” on Friday when it reported that Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump campaign had received advanced access to stolen emails published by WikiLeaks. The network hyped the story as a bombshell for most of the day before TheDC’s Chuck Ross debunked it, revealing several serious errors with the story.

From Right Scoop:

You see, it’s not just that it’s a wicked sweet burn, it’s that it’s so dead-on accurate. In fact, it’s so hilariously perfect it’s almost not funny.

So, there you go.

Those are just five instances.

There are plenty more in just 2017 alone. Unfortunately, for the next three years we’re going to continue to see the same BS from the fake news.

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