The Most Amazing July 4th Float You’ve Ever Seen: “Some Gave All” (VIDEO)

For a July 4th float, a church built something amazing. To respect the sacrifice of Vietnam veterans, they created a float with the words “Some Gave All” on the side.

The float shows a man leaning against names listed on the iconic Vietnam War memorial. As the float passes, onlookers see what’s on the other side of the wall: Men in infantry uniforms in the jungle.

And one man on the jungle side has an arm against the wall. 

This will give you chills: 

According to comments on YouTube, this float was created by Solid Rock Baptist Church of Berlin, New Jersey. 


We first saw this at Free Republic. Here are some of the comments there:

“Since I am a Vietnam veteran, it brought tears to my eyes. I have never been to the Vietnam Memorial, but my son has, and saw the name of my childhood friend on it.”

“The painting emotes all kinds of feelings but that semi-transparent wall on the float is just genius, with our bro’s on the other side.”

“Best float I’ve seen in my life.”

Yes, it is!

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