‘American Liar!’ Former Dem Governor Settles Lawsuit, Slams War Hero Chris Kyle

‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle implied in his book that he knocked out former Minnesota Democrat Gov. Jesse Ventura after he was heard speaking poorly in a bar about the war. After Kyle’s death, Ventura took Kyle’s estate to court, winning a boatload of cash in the process. Now, Ventura (a Navy SEAL like Kyle) is referring to the war hero as the ‘American liar.’

From Fox News Insider:

The lawsuit stemmed from a passage in Kyle’s book in which he claimed to have punched Ventura out at a California bar for making offensive comments about the SEALs. Ventura maintained that incident never occurred.

A Minnesota jury awarded Ventura $1.8 million for defamation in 2014, but the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the judgment in 2016. The two sides were preparing for a new trial before reaching a settlement.

Ventura would not tell reporters how much money he received or if it came from publisher HarperCollins or its insurance company. He did say that it didn’t come from Kyle’s widow, Taya Kyle, or his estate.

“I offered the ‘American Liar’ Chris Kyle the opportunity to show honor and courage, and he didn’t have it,” Ventura said at a press conference on Monday.

More from Western Journal:

In the book, Kyle referred to the man as “Scruff Face,” but later confirmed his identity.


“The settlement is confidential, but I can smile,” Ventura said.

In 2014, a jury decided in his favor and awarded him nearly $2 million in damages, but that verdict was overruled.


“This was fake news, people,” he said. “And this was fake news at its finest. Because the whole thing is fake.”

More from Washington Times, circa January 2017:

Kyle’s book, “American Sniper” sold more than 1.2 million copies since being released in 2012. He was shot and killed by a fellow vet two years at the age of 38.

The courts believe Kyle lied. We may never know the truth.

The fact remains that Ventura has done his best to blast Kyle’s character, and he can’t say anything about it from the grave.


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