Another Top Democrat Busted in Taxpayer-Funded Sex Assault Scandal [Details]

Democrats just can’t catch a break right now. So many skeletons are coming out from the closet all at once. Now, a New York Congressman’s issues are in the spotlight.

From Daily Wire:

Another House Democrat was revealed to be caught up in a settlement on Monday night, this time from an incident in 2000 which involved firing a staffer in retaliation for reporting that she was allegedly sexually assaulted at a business that was connected to an important campaign contributor.

Andrea Payne, a former congressional aide for Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY), filed a complaint with the Office of Compliance while she worked in the congressman’s New York Queens office after the alleged sexual assault, The Daily Caller News Foundation reported. Meeks, who fired her shortly after, admitted in a lawsuit that he did not fire her because of anything related to the quality of her on-the-job performance.

More from Daily Caller:

Payne’s retaliation lawsuit dealt with how the Office of Compliance was set up to offer limited protections to Capitol Hill staffers. Meeks argued that the existence of the Office of Compliance meant that he should not be financially liable in the suit, according to legal documents.

The lawsuit wound through the system from 2000 to 2006, with Meeks’ office being represented by an assistant U.S. attorney. On March 27, 2006, the Office of House Employment Counsel became his sole lawyer. That same day, the judge entered a “stipulation of dismissal” saying the parties had reached a settlement.

Payne visited Flowers Physical Therapy in 2000 for treatment after she was injured in a car accident. It is owned by Neville Flowers, whose wife Joan “is an important campaign supporter and fundraiser for Representative Meeks,” the suit says.

The physical therapist working there sexually assaulted her, she claimed in legal documents. Payne pursued criminal charges against the employee, and a lawsuit against the company.

The day an article about the incident appeared in a Queens newspaper, “Joan Flowers came to Representative Meeks’ office in an agitated state and waved a copy of the article in the reception area while complaining loudly about its contents,” the suit says.


What news will we learn next?

So much info (read about Dem. Rep. John Conyers here) in such a short span of time. Thing is, stuff like this might be just the beginning.

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