Anti-Gun Student Activist David Hogg Gets Devastating News He NEVER Expected to Hear

Parkland shooting survivor and student activist, David Hogg, wasn’t expecting any backlash when he called for advertisers to pull their spots from Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show.

And yet, that’s exactly what just happened.

Check this out…

From Daily Wire:

So how do Americans feel about Parkland gun control activist David Hogg’s call to launch a boycott of Laura Ingraham’s advertisers because she poked fun of him for getting rejected by some colleges? According to a new Economist/YouGov poll, a plurality think it’s out of line.

YouGov’s new poll found that 40% of respondents overall think Hogg’s call for a boycott is “inappropriate,” while 34% think it’s “appropriate.” More than a quarter (27%) are “not sure.”

Republicans overwhelmingly disagree with it: 65% says it’s inappropriate, while just 18% think it’s okay; 16% are ambivalent. While a slim majority (54%) of Democrats think it’s appropriate, 19% don’t agree with it and another 27% are unsure.

Ingraham isn’t going anywhere.

From Downtrend:

There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth in the bowels of the command bunkers of the leftist organizations that took their best shot at Fox News’ host Laura Ingraham with the intention of getting her thrown off the air.

Ingraham is despised by her ideological enemies because she is a strong woman who is a heterosexual and who supports the Second Amendment and doesn’t put up with bullshit.

This got her caught up in an ambush when Parkland punk and aspiring neo-Stalinist David Hogg was able to mobilize his Twitter army of cyberbullies – with the help of the George Soros-David Brock bund at Media Matters – to launch a blitzkrieg on her sponsors.

Sorry not sorry, Hogg.

Enough is enough!

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