Anti-Trump RINO Mitt Romney Bashes Trump Over Alleged Immigration Comments (Details)

Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who during the 2016 campaign referred to Donald Trump as a “con man,” is rumored to be running for Orrin Hatch’s Senate seat in Utah.

And yet, Romney remains intent on slamming 45 whenever given the chance.

Here’s his latest dig…

From Independent Journal Review:

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney took to Twitter on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, suggesting that President Donald Trump’s alleged “s**thole countries” remarks were racial and “antithetical to American values”:

While The Washington Post reported he made that comment, along with another about Haitian immigrants, during an immigration meeting last week with lawmakers, Trump denied the quotes’ accuracy:

St. George News has more on Mitt:

Speculation could be coming closer to reality when it comes Mitt Romney running for Senate, as the former Massachusetts governor and 2012 Republican presidential candidate reportedly sent a text message to a friend telling him he plans to run.

The New York Times reported Sunday that Romney had sent a text to friend and businessman Kem Gardner last Saturday telling him, “I’m running.”

Beyond this, no official announcement has been made regarding Romney’s potential Senate bid. Until then, speculation continues.

Romney wasn’t the best governor for Massachusetts. He certainly wasn’t good enough to defeat Barack Obama in 2012 – an election he should’ve won with ease.

Now, he continues to blast Trump during a time when the economy is flourishing?

Go home, Mitt!

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