AWESOME! NFL Superstar Sends Signature Shoe to Entire Military Unit in Afghanistan

Houston Texans superstar JJ Watt has been riddled with injuries the past couple of years, but he’s still a three-time Defensive Player of the Year award winner. When Texas was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey earlier this year, he raised over $30 million. Now, Watt is sending an entire military unit in Afghanistan a pair of his new signature shoe.

From ABC 13:

On Wednesday, the Houston Texans star posted a tweet hyping the release of his latest signature shoe with Reebok. Watt responded to a particular tweet from user “OfMiceAndLogann.”

“Do you ship to Afghanistan? I’m deployed and would love a pair!” the user tweeted at Watt.

“I hope that Soldier’s money is no good,” tweeted user Jeff Bruder. “Ship the man some shoes, hell, ship them a whole bunch of shoes.”

More per Daily Caller:

This is just more proof that Watt is one of the good guys in the NFL. He raised millions for victims of Hurricane Harvey, and how he’s sending a free batch of shoes for the men and women in Afghanistan. He didn’t have to do either, but the superstar defensive terror is known for going above and beyond the call.

There are lots of things you can pick at and criticize in the NFL. Watt is absolutely not one of them.

More on Watt and the hurricane relief efforts, per ABC News:

Houston Texans star J.J. Watt announced his plans for the more than $30 million in donations he raised for Hurricane Harvey relief on Thursday, naming four partners who would receive $31.5 million within the next two years.

The partners — Americares, Feeding America, SBP and Save the Children — are expected to use the funds to rebuild homes, restore childcare centers, provide food and address Houston residents’ health needs in the areas impacted by the storm. The remaining money, nearly $7 million, will be held for distribution in 2018.

“While I understand the total recovery from Hurricane Harvey could require upwards of $200 billion,” Watt said in a statement, “and this $37 million will not be able to help every single person as I so badly wish it could, I have made it my mission to ensure this money makes as large of an impact as possible.”

JJ for the win?

Without question!

So cool!

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