Bernie’s Son Drops Massive Bombshell, Suggests Sanders Will Run for President in 2020

Had the DNC stood behind Sen. Bernie Sanders instead of rigging the primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton, there’s a decent shot a socialist would be president today.

Now, Sanders’ son says he is seriously contemplating another run for Oval Office.

From Daily Caller:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ son indicated on Thursday that the senator is seriously considering running for president in 2020.

Politico has more:

The senator, 76, has consistently refused to rule out running when asked over the past year, instead pivoting the conversation to other topics.

“The senator is extremely focused on making sure the Democrats win in 2018 and that is the primary goal right now: to retake the House and retake the Senate so we can stop this horrendous Trump agenda,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager and top political adviser.

Sanders has remained toward the top of polls surveying the potential Democratic field without fail after his stunning 2016 bid, and he has been working methodically to address major issues that plagued him politically last time, boning up on foreign policy and making nice with a series of party power brokers. He also visited both Iowa and New Hampshire multiple times in 2017, a traditional sign of a possible run.

Dems are in big trouble come 2020. They have no fresh faces to roll out against Trump.

Former failed candidate John Kerry is also considering throwing his hat in the ring.

Trump 2020 has never looked better!

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