Bill Clinton Hits Rock Bottom on Nat’l TV, Calls Trump a Dictator & Liar [Video]

Bill Clinton, like his wife, has always suffered from foot-in-mouth disease. While making an appearance on Conan, the impeached former president (who was busted for lying) basically calls President Trump a dictator and a liar.

From Downtrend:

“And the Dictators Club in the world, they want two things. They want nuclear weapons, because they feel like they can never be dislodged no matter how much people hate them if they’ve got nuclear power. And they want to abolish the line between fact and fiction and truth and lie, because they figure if you don’t what’s true and you don’t think you could ever know, pretty soon, everybody will accept the fact that democracy’s no longer possible,” said Clinton.

“Are you talking about foreign countries now or here, because that shook me to the bone for a second,” asked O’Brien.

Clinton paused for a long moment and tried to speak but couldn’t form any words.

“You just said a lot by saying nothing,” said” O’Brien.

More, from Hollywood Reporter:

During an appearance on Conan on Wednesday night, former president Bill Clinton reflected on the “different America” he saw while campaigning for his wife versus when he was president.

“The good news is … the country is much more diverse than it used to be, and I think that’s a good thing,” Clinton began, adding, “Youth matters. The median age of the workforce is a big deal in terms of the economic potential of the country.”

Clinton then emphasized the need for more immigrants. “Since the birthright of native-born Americans of all races is just barely at replacement level, we need immigrants to come in and keep diversifying the country.”

Get it together, Bill. This is just embarrassing.

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