Blasphemy: Lib Rags Elated Over Hillary Clinton ‘Resistmas’ Tree Topper (Photos)

Hillary Clinton, Christmas angel? In what twisted world? Liberals are loving this ‘Resistmas’ Christmas tree topper featuring the twice-failed presidential candidate.

From Popsugar:

I can, hand-on-heart, say I wasn’t that fussed about decorating this Christmas until about five minutes ago when a POPSUGAR Australia editor sent me a link to the most amazing thing I have seen maybe ever — a Hillary Clinton Christmas angel. Followed by a Beyoncé Christmas angel. Followed by a Serena Williams Christmas angel. I’m still hyperventilating.

More from Metro:

She’s an actual angel in human form.

As is Serena. Michelle Obama. Oprah.

Another Christmas tree topper in the ‘Women to Look Up to’ set features cop-bashing singer Beyonce:

Stunningly awful!

Hillary is a pro-infanticide corrupt career politician who snaked her way to the top.

She deserves no honors; no accolades.

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