Bombshell: GOP Rep. Calls for Sessions to Resign if He Won’t Investigate Hillary [Watch]

What President Donald Trump seems to value above everything else is loyalty. While AG Jeff Sessions has been a fervent Trump supporter, he has also angered Republicans with some of his actions. Now, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan is calling for Sessions to step down if he can’t do what the American people want him to do and investigate Hillary Clinton.

From Right Scoop:

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is done messing around on the Hillary issue. He says that if Attorney General Jeff Sessions can’t appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary’s wrongdoing, then Sessions needs to just step aside.

“But what do we know? We have learned in the last several weeks that the Clinton campaign paid the law firm who paid Fusion GPS, who paid Christopher Steele, the MI-6 agent, who paid Russians. The Clinton campaign paid Russians for this report for this dossier, and it’s been reported that this dossier was all dressed up by the government taken to the FISA court and became the basis to spy on Americans.”

More from Red State:

“So I think that’s what happened, all the evidence points to that as being what took place,” adding that all FBI Director Christopher Wray, Sessions, et al have to do to clear this all up is just release the applications to prove him wrong. So far, no one has lifted a finger to do so, leading Jordan to believe that collusion did take place.

Jordan noted that Sessions doesn’t seem to understand where his recusal ends and begins, and gave the attorney general a suggestion.

“If you’re not going to appoint a special council to get the answers to this question and a host of others,” Jordan said to Sessions via his interview, “if you’re not going to do it, then he should step down.”

Jordan is right.

If Sessions can’t step up to the plate, someone else must fill his shoes. It is what it is.

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