CA High School Students And Teachers Smack Around Trump Piñata in Class (VIDEO)

It wasn’t just liberal students who decided to smack around a pinata that looked like President Trump.

It was the teachers, too.

Talk about disrespectful!

From Yahoo:

A California school district has launched an inquiry into footage that showed students and staff members at an Orange County high school hitting a piñata designed to look like President Trump, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Footage of the incident — which took place at Laguna Hills High School, in the Saddleback Valley school district — went viral after being leaked on YouTube. According to the YouTube posting, the “piñata party” took place during a Spanish class, though that has not been confirmed.


The district would not say if a staff member was reprimanded or if students were involved.

“This activity was not condoned, or approved, by the district, nor Laguna Hills High School”, said district spokesperson Mark Perez. “Personnel matters are confidential, and therefore, it is our policy to not comment on situations involving employees.”

Just imagine if this was an Obama pinata.

There would be pandemonium!

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