California Democrat Comes Unglued, Viciously Mocks Trump in Despicable Tweet

California Democrat Adam Schiff is walking in lockstep with his far left peers, ragging on President Trump despite all the good he’s done for the country. Now, Schiff mocks 45 in a ridiculous tweet…

From The Hill:

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) mocked President Trump for lauding himself by noting Trump staffers who have been forced to leave the administration or are facing legal troubles.

“Your campaign manger indicted, foreign policy advisor (‘excellent guy’) pled guilty, and national security advisor fired for lying. More than any other 10-month President, true!” Schiff tweeted Sunday.

Schiff was responding to Trump’s tweet earlier Sunday attacking the coverage of the multiple investigations into Russian election interference, which includes examining ties between Trump and Russia.

“Since the first day I took office, all you hear is the phony Democrat excuse for losing the election, Russia, Russia,Russia. Despite this I have the economy booming and have possibly done more than any 10 month President. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

More on Schiff per Los Angeles Times:

“I do feel our democracy is under threat,” Schiff said in an Associated Press interview.

He said Russia poses an external threat, but “in many respects, the challenge from within is more serious because we have a president who takes issue with the 1st Amendment and a president who describes the press as an enemy of the people.”

Schiff also criticized Republican congressional leaders for not challenging Trump on that and other issues. He said Trump’s criticism of judges who rule against him as not legitimate, and his efforts to limit Muslim immigration also threaten democracy. And he said Trump is trying to “disparage” the credibility of the FBI and congressional probes into Russia’s interference in U.S. elections and whether his own 2016 campaign was involved.

“So no matter what is produced, he can say it’s a fake,” Schiff said.

Schiff is everything wrong with America.

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