California Dems Consider Making Communist ‘May Day’ a Paid Holiday (VIDEO)

‘May Day’ is celebrated by leftists across the globe on May 1. The whole thing began in the late 19th century for socialists and communists to commemorate the Haymarket affair in Chicago.

Now, California Democrats want to turn the day into a paid holiday.

Think about that.

From Free Beacon:

The California State Assembly debated legislation Thursday introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Miguel Santigo that would make “International Workers’ Day,” a holiday with Socialist and Communist roots, a paid state holiday.

In California, schools are closed in observance of both “Washington Day,” the third Monday in February, and “Lincoln Day,” the Monday or Friday of the week in which February 12 occurs. Santiago’s legislation would authorize schools in California to combine both Washington and Lincoln’s birthday into one day, designating the third Monday in February as “President’s Day,” in exchange for designating May 1 International Workers’ Day, according to the Daily Caller.

The legislation also specifies that schools opting to observe Presidents’ Day and International Workers’ Day would be required to “commemorate and direct attention to the history of labor movements in the United States.”

Daily Caller has more:

“I’m aghast that a bill like this would be able to get through committee,” California Republican Assemblyman Matthew Harper said to the Assembly. “Are we in competition to be the laughing stock of the United States?”

“Are we going that far to the left?” Harper asked. “This is ridiculous; this is insane; this is un-American. And for folks who think that the U.S. won the Cold War with the Soviet Union, this makes it sound like we’re going in the other direction — that indeed California is kowtowing to the Soviet domination of the Cold War.”

Liberalism is a mental disease. The left doesn’t know what it’s fighting for or against!

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