CBS News Claims It’s Easier to Buy ‘Assault Rifle’ Than Cold Medicine [Video]

The far left media says some crazy things, but this one takes the cake.

According to CBS News, it’s easier to buy an ‘assault rifle’ than cold medicine.

Yep, they actually think that!


More from Breitbart:

On Monday, CBS News responded to the heinous Florida school shooting by claiming it is easier to buy an “assault rifle” than anti-diarrhea medicine in bulk in Florida.

They had to emphasize buying in “bulk” because buying small quantities of the medicine is as easy as walking into the store, grabbing the package, paying for it, and walking out.

On the other hand, buying any kind of rifle entails walking into the store, picking out the rifle wanted, filling out ATF form 4473, handing over one’s ID, wandering around in the store while they call the FBI and do a background check, then paying for the gun and walking out.

The diarrhea medication scenario and that of purchasing a rifle are nowhere near comparable.

What is wrong with these lefties?

Why doesn’t common sense matter anymore?


H/T: Weasel Zippers

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