Clarence Thomas Just Savaged NFL Protesters in Rare Interview, Libs Hang Heads in Shame [Watch]

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas appeared on The Ingraham Angle last night, where he lectured national anthem protesters on just how ridiculous they’re being. As usual, Thomas was right on the money with excellent analysis. Well worth the watch…

From BizPac Review:

Justice Thomas has real life wisdom for anthem protesters that they need to hear

“What binds us? What do we all have in common anymore?” Thomas asked.

The justice suggested that the player protests erode public faith in symbols and shared commitments, exacerbating existing tensions along various social lines.

“When I was a kid, even as we had laws that held us apart there were things that we held dear that we all had in common,” he added. Thomas was born in Georgia’s coastal lowlands among Creolite gullah-speakers, and was raised by his grandparents in Jim Crow Savannah.

Start at the 25:50 mark:

More on Thomas, per Free Beacon:

Clarence Thomas Describes His Judicial Philosophy: ‘Get It Right’

Thomas dismissed the “myth,” as Ingraham put it, that he was the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s puppet, explaining that they “had a bond” but the Supreme Court is a place “where individuals do their work.”

“People have to say what they have to say,” Thomas said. “It [the Supreme Court] is a place where individuals do their work. Nobody follows the other person. Justice Scalia didn’t follow me and I didn’t follow him. And I dare say nobody up there follows another person.”

“I have a long history of being told what to do,” he joked.

Ingraham then asked Thomas to elaborate on his judicial philosophy, noting that it is often described as “alternatively formalistic, rigid, strictly conservative.”

“I think it’s get it right,” Thomas said. “I think we are required to reason to a conclusion. That’s what we try to do.”

Justice Thomas for the win? YUP!

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