CLASSLESS: Liberal Reporter Bashes School Shooting Hero Because He’s Not Obama Supporter

The left’s tolerance knows no bounds. Wait, scratch that. The left has zero tolerance for anyone who disagrees with their views!

Case in point: a liberal reporter bashed a teenage hero from the Florida school shooting because he’s not a supporter of Barack Obama.

From Downtrend:

Following the shooting last week, survivor Colton Haab, a 17-year-old Junior ROTC, described to CNN the heroic actions he took when alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz opened fire:

The 17-year-old junior knew a gunman was on his high school campus Wednesday afternoon so he ushered 60 to 70 people to shelter in an open Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps room. At that point, he realized that the Kevlar sheets generally used for the Junior ROTC marksmanship program could come in handy.

“We took those sheets, and we put them in front of everybody so they weren’t seen, because they were behind a solid object and the Kevlar would slow the bullet down,” Haab told CNN on Thursday.

“I didn’t think it was going to stop it, but it would definitely slow it down to make it from a catastrophic to a lifesaving thing.”

More from RedState:

Once Jake Tapper mentioned this on twitter, that was too much for John Latimer, a reporter for the Lebanon Daily News, who took it upon himself to go through young Haab’s facebook profile and casually put out there the implication that ‘hey! Maybe this victim thinks that because he’s RACIST.’

How insane is that?

The left has no excuse. This is putrid!

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