CNN Cancels Interview With Pro-Gun Parkland Shooting Survivor For Ridiculous Reason

CNN has given anti-gun Parkland school shooting survivors a large platform to spew their uninformed views on the nation.

The same can’t be said about pro-gun Parkland survivor, Kyle Kashuv.

Kashuv’s interview with CNN was recently canceled for a ridiculous reason. It was due to a tweet he retweeted one time.

From Daily Caller:

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin canceled her scheduled interview with Kyle Kashuv, a Parkland High School student and survivor of the horrific Valentine’s Day shooting.

Kashuv has separated himself from the rest of the Parkland student advocates in his strong support for the Second Amendment and alternative safety proposals beside gun control or the banning of specific types of weapons.

Western Journal has more:

The appearance was to be Kashuv’s first one-on-one interview on CNN, The Wrap reported. The network has prominently featured, on multiple occasions, Marjory Stoneman anti-gun rights students, including David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez.

Hogg recently stated on Bill Maher’s program that he hung up on the White House when he was invited to a listening session with Trump after last month’s shooting.

Does it get more dumb than this?

Come on, man!

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