CNN Host: Border Security Hurts America Because Mexicans Can’t Shop In Arizona

There are dumb arguments, and then there’s the one made by CNN host W. Kamau Bell.

Bell’s reason why border security hurts America is just this side of stupid – to be kind.

There are no words, really.

From Right Scoop:

Yup, he says that America is hurt because Mexicans can’t cross the border to shop in Nogales, Arizona. Dude. Like, wow. That is the most blisteringly stupid reason to open the borders I’ve ever heard.


Even if Nogales was utterly destroyed by there being no open borders, we would STILL be doing better than handing out literally billions in welfare that ends up in illegals’ hands (through their American born kids), and all the huge costs that illegals incur on the social safety net.

More from CNN:

And there is no better place to see how that all plays out than in this episode, because I’m taking you to the US/Mexico border.

Specifically, I’m taking you to Nogales, Arizona, and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico — one city divided into two by an imaginary line that we think is real because we are taught in schools it is called a border. And on that border is a wall, or a fence, or a barrier, or whatever you want to call it (depending on what you are trying to prove in your conversation). And the people I meet in this episode — people who live on each side of the border — seem like they are always the last ones considered in that conversation.

Bell is a comedian, not a journalist, and it shows.

He’s a joke!

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