CNN Reporter Keeps Pestering, So Sarah Sanders Smacks Her Down Hard (VIDEO)

Liberal CNN White House correspondent April Ryan has made a name for herself since President Trump came into office.

Like CNN’s Jim Acosta, Ryan is known for badgering the press secretary. On Thursday, she tried telling Sarah Sanders what was in her soul.

Sarah wasn’t having it.

More from Right Scoop:

THEN SHE went on to MELT DOWN in debate with equally vapid and idiotic Jason Miller on CNN later. Both of these cretins toss pretty poor arguments at each other, but CNN loves this kind of stuff.

She literally says that Sarah Sanders was challenging her to a ghetto street FIGHT because she said, “you don’t know me,” LOL!! This is just pathetic.

Classic lefty tactics from Ryan.

Sanders stood her own, as usual.

When will these far-left nutjobs get it together?

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