CNN Writer Says Pro-Trump Kanye West Should Be Denied Right To Express Opinions

If you’re black, you can’t support President Trump (or the Republican Party). That’s the way liberals think and they truly believe it.

Maybe Democrats are trying to make up for their past sins of slavery and fighting against the Civil Rights Act? Hmm.

Check out what a CNN writer thinks of pro-Trump rapper Kanye West. In a nutshell, Kanye shouldn’t be allowed to express his thoughts!

From Daily Wire:

A CNN op-ed piece says Kanye West should not be allowed to have a “platform” to express his opinion.

“The time has come to stop amplifying his platform when he continues to misconstrue facts and distract the public from truth,” writes Ernest Owens, editor of Philadelphia magazine’s G Philly and CEO of Ernest Media Empire, LLC.

“Shutting him down is not a matter of censoring opinions; it’s a matter of being responsible in how we elevate or endorse the cult of celebrity in situations that further espouse toxic lies. At this point, any outlet that continues to allow Kanye West a platform to knowingly speak such misinformation is either enabling the former or exploiting his celebrity status for ratings,” Owens said.

Far left singer John Legend urged Kanye to reconsider his support for Trump, so Kanye smacked Legend back to reality – and then posted their direct messages!

From Yahoo:

The friends and collaborators, who are tight enough to go on Waffle House dates with their wives, are now in a public dispute about West’s Donald Trump love during in his wide-ranging Twitter rant on Wednesday. Legend first posted several tweets online reacting to West’s support of the president. (West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, also said she disagreed with her husband.) Apparently, Legend — or “JL” — then reached out privately to West to ask him to reconsider all the “MAGA” talk. West not only wouldn’t back down, but he took their private text exchange and posted it on Twitter today.

CNN – what a trip!

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