CNN’s Van Jones Busted Spreading Lies, Claims Most Mass Shooters are Republican

First, CNN’s Chris Cuomo was busted for spreading lies about guns. Now, fellow CNNer Van Jones claims most mass shooters are Republicans.


From Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, CNN’s Van Jones, a gun control proponent, retweeted a statement from one @LaurieShoe that was in fact a complete lie about the identities of those responsible for mass shootings:

Actually, it’s simply untrue that being “Republican” is a common denominator for mass shooters. We don’t know the political affiliation of most mass shooters — most aren’t overtly political. And there have been just as many overtly political leftist mass shooters in the last year as supposed Republicans — even if you count the Parkland shooter as a “Republican,” you’d certainly have to count the Congressional baseball game shooter as a Democrat.

The Hill has more on Van Jones:

CNN’s Van Jones on Tuesday slammed President Trump for his response to a school shooting in Florida, in which the president suggested the FBI could have prevented the attack if it weren’t focused on the Russia probe.

“[It’s] so tough to see the distinction between those young people, who are so clear, so forthright…and then to have that right up against these presidential tweets,” Jones said on “Anderson Cooper 360,” referring to the student survivors of the shooting who have stood up to gun violence in recent days.

“You couldn’t imagine a more juvenile response to a mass killing of children than to use that opportunity to try to stick your finger in the eye of the people who you didn’t like before anyway,” Jones added.

In a tweet Saturday, Trump suggested the FBI could have done more to prevent the shooting and accused the agency of spending “too much time trying to prove Russian collusion.”

Jones is everything wrong with America.

He cares more for the liberal agenda than he does the truth.


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