CNN’s Van Jones: If Teachers are Armed, They’ll Start Shooting Minority Kids [Watch]

President Trump has suggested arming a certain amount of teachers in schools in order to deter would-be shooters.

CNN’s Van Jones doesn’t love the idea, claiming black and Latino students would be shot by their instructors.

More from Free Beacon:

Van Jones made the comment on “CNN Tonight” during a discussion with fellow guest Ken Cuccinelli, a former Virginia attorney general, and host Don Lemon. The three were debating President Donald Trump’s idea of arming teachers with guns to help bolster school security and prevent shootings.

Cuccinelli mentioned Washington, D.C.’s strict gun laws and sarcastically mentioned the level of gun crime in the nation’s capital before Jones, a former adviser to President Barack Obama, suggested students of color would be more likely to have guns used against them if teachers were armed.

More from Truth Revolt:

“The positives are maybe somebody would use that gun well and stop an intruder. There are some real negatives as well. African-American and Latino kids already get treated fairly badly in schools as it is. They’re more likely to be seen as a threat. They’re more likely to be expelled, more likely to be suspended for the exact same behavior. Videotape the exact same behavior: ‘This kid is a threat; this kid is a class clown if they’re white.’

“And so, there is a concern that I think parents have, and you’ve heard now African-American educators coming out saying, ‘If you start just passing out guns in schools as they are, given some of the bias that’s there, you might wind up having those guns used against students in ways that are not good.’”

Van Jones is deluded. Constantly race-baiting.

Stupid is as stupid does.

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