Comedian Chris Rock Says Cops Should ‘Shoot a White Kid to Make It Look Good’

Like all other celebrity lefties, comedian Chris Rock gets a pass when it comes to saying something racist. The far left mainstream media won’t care.

During his recent standup special, Rock jokes that cops should shoot a white kid to even the score of blacks being shot.

From Daily Wire:

Comedian Chris Rock’s new special “Tamborine” debuted on Netflix on Wednesday, and it was intensely political right out of the gate.

Rock’s first bit was about law enforcement, which he portrayed as racists who shoot innocent black children in the street for sport.

“Here’s my question,” started Rock. “You would think that cops would occasionally shoot a white kid just to make it look good. You would think every couple of months they’d look at their dead n**** calendar and go, ‘Oh my God, we’re up to 16! We gotta shoot a white kid quick!'”

Rock continued, explaining that “real equality” would include “white mothers” crying about their dead children.

“I wanna live in a world with real equality. I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month,” he said. “I wanna see white mothers on TV, crying, standing next to standing next to Al Sharpton, talkin’ about, ‘We need justice for Chad.'”

Fox News has more:

On the stage at the Brooklyn Academy of music, Rock jokes that as an African-American he feels obligated to hate the cops, but then admits that sometimes he needs the security of law enforcement.

“On one hand, I’m a black man who’s like, ‘F— the police.’ On the other hand, I own property, so when my house gets broken into I’m not calling the Crips,” he jokes.

Midway through his set, Rock says bullies are needed.

“That’s how Trump became president,” Rock says. “We got rid of bullies. A real bully showed up and nobody knew how to handle him.”

The comedian then jokes that in the end, Trump’s time in office will ultimately “work out” because it will lead to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Here’s the thing, Chrissy: cops don’t shoot unless a person is resisting arrest or fighting back.

Stop pushing bogus nonsense just to be edgy. It’s tried!

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