Comrade Bernie Cancels Interview Because He Couldn’t Control the Questions (Details)

Remember when then-DNC interim chair and CNN contributor Donna Brazile told Hillary Clinton what questions would be asked during a debate before the debate with Donald Trump?

The left didn’t care. Go figure.

Now, Vermont socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders has canceled an interview because he couldn’t control what questions were asked.

From Daily Caller:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders canceled an interview with a newspaper in his home state because he wasn’t allowed to declare certain topics off-limits.

Sanders’ office offered an interview to Seven Days, a Vermont newspaper, on the condition that their reporters not ask about “political gossip” or about Sanders’ family, the paper stated in a Monday article. The FBI has targeted Sanders’ wife in a bank fraud investigation related to a 2010 land deal she made as the president of Burlington College in Vermont.

More from Seven Days:

On Monday morning, as Sanders arrived at the airport press conference, McLean reneged on the offer. “I don’t think there is time today,” he wrote in an email. Sanders also, apparently, did not have time for the press conference itself. While it was still taking place — and his colleague, Congressman Peter Welch (D-Vt.), was still speaking — the senator walked away from the podium, gathered his belongings and walked toward the airport’s security screening area.

“Hey, senator, do you have time for that interview?” Seven Days called after him.

“Pardon me?” Sanders asked.

“Do you have time for that interview that we’ve been talking about?” Seven Days repeated.

“No,” the senator said as he handed his ticket and identification to a Transportation Security Administration officer. “Not right now.”

How pathetic!

Democrats care about one thing – fooling their uninformed constituents.

The sad part? It’s not a difficult thing to do.

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