CONFIRMED: FBI Covered Up Secret Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting, Explosive Docs Found

Remember last year before the general election when Bill Clinton and then-AG Loretta Lynch just so happened to meet on a tarmac in Phoenix? Everyone knew they were discussing what Lynch’s role would be in Hillary’s administration if the DOJ let her off the hook regarding the email scandal. A week later, Clinton was cleared. The Obama administration told us everything was on the level. They lied.

From Zero Hedge:

After originally being told by the FBI there were no documents to produce in response to their July 2016 FOIA request, Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton was subsequently told in October 2017 that the FBI had simply overlooked 30 pages worth of relevant docs…30 pages which Fitton now says will mark the “beginning of the end” of the DOJ’s “cover-up” when they’re released this Thursday.

More, via Conservative Tribune:

In late June of 2016, a now infamous and suspicious meeting on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport was held between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

That meeting occurred just days prior to then-FBI Director James Comey’s announcement that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would not face criminal charges related to her private email server scandal, even as it was admitted that she was in violation of the law.

At the time, the Obama administration — parroted by the liberal media — assured the American public that nothing of consequence was discussed in that tarmac meeting, literally nothing more than a conversation about golf and grandchildren. But not everybody bought that story, as noted by Zero Hedge.


Shortly thereafter, the FBI declared that they had no documents whatsoever related to the tarmac meeting, but that declaration has since turned out to be untrue.

Watchdog group Judicial Watch announced in October that they had been informed that, lo and behold, the FBI had suddenly discovered 30 pages of documents related to the tarmac meeting, which would be turned over for public release by the end of November.


“The FBI is out of control. It is stunning that the FBI ‘found’ these Clinton-Lynch tarmac records only after we caught the agency hiding them in another lawsuit,” stated Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.


The documents, slated to be released Nov. 30, could provide further insight into the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s email scandal, and may even force the release of their investigative file.

Well, well, well. Just another blemish on the record of Obama and his scandal-plagued team. What a legacy these people left behind. Talk about corruption at the highest level. Will President Trump say something?

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