CONFIRMED: Nancy Pelosi Says Dems Will Raise Taxes if They Retake House

Democrats still don’t understand why Donald Trump won the presidency. Something they should note is that he promised to lower taxes – and delivered.

California’s Nancy Pelosi says if Dems retake the House in the 2018 midterms, taxes are going back up.

From Downtrend:

Only six months out from the critical midterm elections, the Democrats still do not have a coherent issue to run on besides impeaching President Trump and granting amnesty to DACA Dreamers.


But while the leadership hems and haws, Pelosi seems to have guaranteed that one issue has already been settled on – raising taxes.

Breitbart has more:

“The tax bill is a dark cloud over our children’s future,” the California Democrat said Thursday at the Peterson Foundation Fiscal Summit in Washington. “We want to revisit in a way that puts the middle class first and reduces the debt.”

Pelosi said she would seek to negotiate a bipartisan extension of the tax bill’s middle-class tax cuts for individuals, which expire in 2026. The new tax bill would be one that “promotes growth, generates jobs and reduces the deficit,” she said.


Pelosi didn’t say whether she would seek to raise the corporate rate — which was cut to 21 percent from 35 percent — and didn’t specify other tax breaks she would seek to end.

Pelosi is the epitome of the Democrat Party.

She’s also everything wrong with liberal America.

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