Conservative Actor James Woods Calls Out ‘GropingJoe’ Biden, Hopes He Runs in 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden is rumored to be a frontrunner for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2020, simply because Dems have nobody else.

From CNBC:

America’s political establishment just will not take a hint.

The latest evidence is the growing buzz surrounding former Vice President Joe Biden’s potential presidential candidacy in 2020. Appearing in a series of interviews for his new book, Biden is now not ruling out a run for the White House.

One question: Why is this anything other than a joke?

It’s one thing to be depressed and disappointed about Donald Trump’s victory, but have these people forgotten everything we learned from the 2016 election?

Conservative actor James Woods is hoping Biden runs, knowing he’d be crushed by President Trump in the general election.

More on Biden, via Western Journal:

Speaking Wednesday morning during an interview on CBS News, former Vice President Joe Biden made a bold claim about his old boss.

In an exchange with the “CBS This Morning” co-hosts, Biden claimed former President Barack Obama didn’t have a “hint of scandal.”

“I’ve served with eight presidents, and I got to know four of them very well. I’ve never met any president that has more character, more integrity and more backbone than this guy does,” Biden said.

Apparently so.

Run, Joe, run.

Ronald Reagan won 49 states in his 1984 re-election. Trump wouldn’t hit that mark thanks to highly liberal places like California and New York, but it would probably be close.

Do it!

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