Conservative All-Star Mike Rowe Leaves CNN, Heading to THIS Network (Details)

Conservative rockstar Mike Rowe, former host of popular show ‘Dirty Jobs,’ has decided to part ways with the Clinton News Network. Here’s where he’ll be heading…

From Daily Caller:

Mike Rowe’s popular show “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” will begin broadcasting on the Trinity Broadcasting Network on Saturday, December 2nd, the network announced on Monday.

Rowe’s show originally aired on CNN, but will now become a part of TBN’s regular lineup in the 9 p.m. slot following “Huckabee.” The television personality expressed his enthusiasm for the new move in a statement released along with the network’s announcement on Monday.

More from Mike Rowe:

Like Dirty Jobs and Returning the Favor, Somebody’s Gotta Do It is an homage to hard-working Americans who live their lives with a blend of passion, humor, kindness, and curiosity. From what I’ve observed, these qualities often appear in people who claim to be Christians, as well as people who claim to be something else. But because I’m fundamentally skeptical of claims, and because faith is an impossible thing to film (or prove) – I’m less concerned with what people say they believe, and more concerned with what they actually do about it. That’s why Somebody’s Gotta Do It, is not called Somebody’s Gotta Believe It. And that’s also why I keep my personal faith, personal.

Having said that, friends of this page should know that this not the same show that aired on CNN. For starters, we’ve cut the episodes down to half-hours. Instead of three segments over the course of sixty minutes, we now have one segment over the course of thirty. That makes a huge difference. It gives us more time to get to know the people we meet, and tell each story in a more relaxed pace. Hence, there’s more room for little moments, (or perhaps, not so little) – like saying grace at the kitchen table. We’ve also added new music, new narration, and a few new edits to address some network concerns with my predilection for naughty words and frosty beverages.

Best of luck, Mike!

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