Conservative Star Mark Levin Trashes Fraud Democrat Senator in Must See Video

You can’t mess with conservative radio host Mark Levin. There’s a reason he’s referred to as ‘The Great One.’ Check out Levin going scorched earth on far left New York Sen. Kristen Gillibrand…

From America News Hub:

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump went after New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for her calls that he should resign, but the left went mad at his needles calling his retorts to her demands a “sexist” attack on the female Senator. Well, conservative talk giant Mark Levin opened his show revealing Gillibrand as the fraud that she is.

Levin perfectly explained why Gillibrand was a fraud and expertly tied her tantrum to the election in Alabama. He also revealed how the Democrats are so hypocritical where it comes to “resigned” Senator Al Franken (D, MN).

Levin took out after Gillibrand right at the opening of his December 12 show as Alabama voters were going to the polls.

More from Conservative Review:

Levin pointed out how Gillibrand is a “Class A hypocrite,” as she’s campaigned for Bill and Hillary Clinton … while claiming to be an advocate for victim of sexual abuse.

“You’re a fraud. You’re a chameleon,” Levin said.

Levin for the win?


Was there ever any doubt? Gillibrand is a trainwreck.

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