Cowboys Owner Just Got Revenge After Player Defies Orders & Disrespects Anthem

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones could not have been more clear. If you disrespect the national anthem you will be benched – or worse. Damontre Moore just learned that lesson the hard way after continuing to raise the black power fist. He was just cut.

From New York Daily News:

Cowboys cut ex-Giant Damontre Moore, one of two Dallas players who continued to raise his fist at end of national anthem

If Damontre Moore wants to continue his national anthem protest, he’ll have to do so with a new team.

The Cowboys released Moore in order to make room to sign kicker Mike Nugent, the team announced Wednesday.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has publicly stated he believes all players should stand for the anthem and recently said he believes anthem protests are hurting the NFL.

While no Cowboys player has kneeled or sat during the anthem, Moore was one of two players who continued to raise his fist at the conclusion of “The Star-Spangled Banner” in recent weeks after Jones previously talked to players and explained his feelings on the matter.

More on Jones’s stance, per NYDN:

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: ‘No question’ national anthem protests are hurting the NFL

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones refuses to take a knee when it comes to his stance on the wave of national anthem protests that have swept across the NFL.

The 75-year-old Cowboys owner said Sunday he is certain the large number of anthem protests in recent weeks is a detriment to the NFL.

“There is no question,” Jones said when asked if the protests are hurting the league, per the Dallas Morning News’ Brandon George. “There is no question the league is suffering negative effects from these protests.”

Jones, a close friend of Donald Trump’s, has publicly stated in the past he believes every player should stand for the national anthem.

No Cowboys player has protested during the anthem this season so far. Defensive end David Irving, however, has briefly raised his fist shortly after the anthem concluded in recent weeks. Irving continued to do so Sunday prior to the Cowboys’ win over the 49ers.

Mess with the bull, you get the horns!

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