Crazed Radical Starts PAC Called ‘I Am Going to Assassinate President Donald J Trump’

The left has always been prone to violence. When they don’t get their way, they lash out.

Now, a man named Freddy Black has started a political PAC called ‘I Am Going to Assassinate President Donald J Trump.’

From Downtrend:

The media continues to downplay the violent tendencies of the left who have undergone a psychotic fracture with reality following the election of President Donald Trump.

There was only slightly more than zero media coverage as masked ANTIFA mobs attacked Trump supporters at rallies, even less of racially motivated anti-white violence driven by hatred of Trump and Democrats have rejected calls to denounce their shock troops.

Now there is actually some fanatic who has reportedly filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission to start a political action committee that outright encourages the assassination of the President of the United States of America.

Free Beacon has more:

An individual named Freddy Black filed the paperwork and wrote, “Send donations to reward my assassination of Donald J Trump to: Freddy Black, 3001 S King Drive Apt 1118, Chicago IL 60616. Or to my IDOC Parole Agent Mr. Done Let”s get him assassinated in the next 24 hours!! Then I”ll kill all the KKK motherfuckers too [sic].”

It is unclear if Freddy Black is the actual name or a pseudonym of the individual behind the PAC. The address that Black provides in his filing leads to an apartment complex on the south side of Chicago.

In the filing, Black is also listed as the PAC’s treasurer. “Hacker” and “assassin” are his listed titles.

Where’s the mainstream media on this one?

Just substitute Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton for ‘Donald J Trump’ and imagine the outrage!

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