Crooked Judge Resigned Over Sex Scandal, Will Now Run for Congress as Democrat

A Congressional Democrat candidate from Kansas was forced to step down after reports came to light that she sexually harassed a male subordinate.

Now, a crooked judge with a sex scandal himself is set to run for office in Pennsylvania.

From Breitbart:

A former Philadelphia judge who was caught up in a ticket-fixing scandal, resigned over charges of sexual harassment, and was jailed for lying to the FBI, is now running for Congress as a Democrat with the slogan “A Fresh Start for Pennsylvania.”

Willie Singletary, a former Philadelphia Traffic Court judge, has announced his run for the First District seat currently held by U.S. Rep. Robert Brady, who is also chairman of Philadelphia’s Democratic City Committee, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Singletary, 36, has quite a record to run on. In 2013, he was caught up in a ticket-fixing scandal that prosecutors at the time said benefited only Philly’s rich and powerful and cost the city and state hundreds of thousands in unpaid fines.

The judge was later declared not guilty of the charges, but he was convicted of lying to federal authorities during the investigation. He served 20 months in prison for the conviction, ending his sentence in 2016.

The scandal led voters to abolish the city’s traffic court in a 2016 ballot measure that moved traffic violations into the Municipal Court.

More from Philly:

Asked if he had made amends with the woman, Singletary said Wednesday that the matter had been resolved.

“My gift took me to a place where my character couldn’t keep me,” Singletary said Wednesday, referring to his time on the bench. “I made some decisions that were not so good. I also made some mistakes. I’ve apologized for that. I don’t want to be stuck in my past, and neither should my past hinder me from my future.”

Singletary noted that Brady has served in Congress for two decades. “We thank him for his service,” he said, adding: “You don’t have the same car you drove 20 years ago.”

If this is any indication, 2018 is going to be another rough year for Democrats.

No worries, though. That means America is thriving!

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