Cyclist Gives Trump’s Motorcade Middle Finger in Viral Photo

A female cyclist was seen giving President Donald Trump’s motorcade the middle finger recently. Something tells me 45 won’t lose any sleep, though.

From Opposing Views:

Cyclist Gives Trump’s Motorcade The Finger (Photo)

President Donald Trump received some negative feedback on his way back from golfing over the weekend.

The president’s motorcade was leaving Trump National Golf Club on the afternoon of Oct. 28 when a pedestrian gave him a “thumbs down sign,” according to pool reporters cited by the Daily Mail.

Shortly after, a female cyclist was photographed giving the finger to the motorcade as it drove by.

According to anthropologist Desmond Morris, pointing your middle finger at someone is “one of the most ancient insult gestures known,” the BBC reports.

“The middle finger is the penis and the curled fingers on either side are the testicles. By doing it, you are offering someone a phallic gesture. It is saying, ‘this is a phallus’ that you’re offering to people, which is a very primeval display.”

Dr. Morris says the gesture probably arrived in the U.S. with Italian immigrants, and is documented in the U.S. as early as 1886, when a pitcher for the Boston Beaneaters baseball team did it during a team photograph with the rival New York Giants.

People are too funny. But whether you agree with the president’s views or not, this is uncalled for.

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