David Hogg to Skip Freshman Year So He Can Devote Time to Political Causes [Details]

Anti-gun Parkland high school shooting survivor David Hogg was accepted into UC-Irvine after much hoopla about being denied from multiple colleges.

However, Hogg will not be attending school next year. Why?

He wants to devote his time to political causes – like gun control and helping to get Democrats elected.

One of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s most visible student activists will postpone his first year of college to devote time to political causes.

David Hogg has been accepted at the University of California, Irvine, “but he will not be going to college this year because he’s decided to take a year off and work on the midterm elections,” his mother, Rebecca Boldrick, told CNN Monday.

She said her son hopes to register and educate new voters and to “get people to vote.”

Americans do not agree with Hogg’s call for an advertiser boycott of Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show.

From Daily Wire:

So how do Americans feel about Parkland gun control activist David Hogg’s call to launch a boycott of Laura Ingraham’s advertisers because she poked fun of him for getting rejected by some colleges? According to a new Economist/YouGov poll, a plurality think it’s out of line.

YouGov’s new poll found that 40% of respondents overall think Hogg’s call for a boycott is “inappropriate,” while 34% think it’s “appropriate.” More than a quarter (27%) are “not sure.”

Republicans overwhelmingly disagree with it: 65% says it’s inappropriate, while just 18% think it’s okay; 16% are ambivalent. While a slim majority (54%) of Democrats think it’s appropriate, 19% don’t agree with it and another 27% are unsure.

Hogg is just a child.

He’s obviously being lead down the wrong path.


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