Deluded Hillary Goes Off on Fox News, Claims They Feed ‘Conspiracy Theories And Enemies’

At this point, Hillary Clinton is talking just to hear her own voice. How does does the twice-failed presidential candidate explain this ridiculous statement about Fox News?

From Daily Caller:

At her latest book event Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton claimed that Fox News has “fed conspiracy theories and enemies and dramatic coverage of events, whether they are significant or not.”

As the Boston Herald reports, the two-time Democratic presidential candidate was in town to sell her latest memoir, “What Happened,” when she was asked how politics had changed since her husband, former President Bill Clinton, first ran for the chief executive job in 1996.

The former first lady immediately cited Fox News as a major difference.

“(It) has really altered a significant number of Americans’ views about politics,” she said, according to the Herald.

More from Boston Herald:

“(It) has really altered a significant number of American’s views about politics,” she said.

Clinton also had words for her own party, which she warned should not focus just on economic equality as a rallying cry.

Clinton’s failed race dominated headlines again earlier this month when former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile accused the Clinton campaign and party leaders of “unethical” financial dealings during the run-up to the convention, drawing complaints that the process was “rigged” against Bernie Sanders.

Oh, Hillary. Fox News is one of the last remaining resources for conservatives to get the honest to goodness truth and not far left fake news propoganda that aims to take down President Trump. Get that through your head!

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