Dem Governor Being Sued in ‘Horrific’ Sexual Harassment Scandal, Turned Blind Eye

New York is worse off today thanks to Democratic socialists like NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Now, Cuomo is being sued in a sexual harassment case for apparently ignoring ‘horrific acts.’

From BizPac Review:

Lurking in the shadows of the tsunami of sexual harassment claims is the reality that there are plenty of enablers who were aware of the alleged inappropriate behavior.

And New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is among those who turned a blind eye to the abuse, according to a woman who leveled sexual abuse charges against high-ranking Cuomo appointee Sam Hoyt, a top economic development aide for the governor.

Lisa Marie Cater filed a lawsuit Saturday in a Manhattan federal court, naming Cuomo and Hoyt as defendants, according to the New York Post — the Democratic governor is accused of repeatedly ignoring Hoyt’s “horrific acts.”

More, via New York Post:

The 5-foot-10 Cater would receive texts and emails from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, the suit says. In one text, the 5-foot-7 Hoyt sent a nude photo and asked, “Do you think I look tan?”

Cater “began to shake uncontrollably” after receiving it, the suit says.

Unwelcomed overtures became more frequent. “Scared, helpless and knowing her job was on the line, [Cater] endured [Hoyt’s] behavior,” the papers say.

Cater came to fear Hoyt’s “instability” and anger, the suit says.

She twice called the governor’s office to file harassment complaints, according to court papers. The first time, she received no direction or referral. The second time, she was advised to complain to the harasser’s boss, which confused her, since she considered Cuomo to be Hoyt’s boss.

Next, she tried to email a complaint via an address on the governor’s webpage, but received no response, the suit says. She then communicated through Cuomo’s Facebook page and was again ignored, the suit says.

By August 2016, Cater was out of work on disability and had “mentally hit rock bottom,” according to court papers. “In the midst of her breakdown … Cater knew with certainty that she must confront her abuser.”

Absolutely horrifying!

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