Dem Sheriff Candidate Hints at Killing People In Order to Take Away Guns [VIDEO]

Democrats will stop at nothing when it comes to gun control.

A Democrat candidate for sheriff in North Caroline even hinted at killing Americans in order to take away firearms.

Where’s the MSM?

From Pacific Pundit:

Meet R. Daryl Fisher. He is a North Carolina Democrat running for Sheriff Buncombe County North Carolina. I have no idea the political make up of Buncombe County, but Democrat R. Daryl Fisher kind of suggested that if people don’t want to give up their guns, maybe (he hinted) that could be arranged.

Oath Keepers has more:

“As a candidate for Sheriff, I cannot enact legislation,” Fisher goes on to deflect. “If elected Sheriff I cannot enact legislation. But as a candidate for Sheriff, I can propose what I believe to be sensible gun legislation. It is up to our legislators to determine what becomes law.”

What he’s obscuring is that law enforcement officials can be extremely influential in persuading lawmakers to act, and as sheriff, he would enthusiastically enforce citizen disarmament edicts. That he would take an oath to the Constitution seems not to trouble Fisher, as there are evidently no citizen disarmament laws he would refuse to issue to his subordinates or to obey himself.


Fisher goes on to trivialize that “joke” by saying taking guns “would be unconstitutional because that would constitute what is called an ex post facto law” and that “responsible gun owners have nothing to worry about.”

This is sickening and appalling.

Because Fisher is a Democrat, he’ll get a pass from the media.

This is precisely why the MSM is no longer trusted!

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