Dem Lawmaker Arrested for Second Time in 2 Months, Liberal Media Dead Silent

Black Friday generally causes tons of problems. While good for businesses, more often than not fights will break out across the country. Lawmakers are supposed to set examples, not be part of the problem.

From Daily Caller:

A Democratic state representative in Missouri was among those arrested as part of anti-Black Friday protests in St. Louis.

State Rep. Bruce Franks Jr. was among seven people arrested after they marched through the St. Louis Galleria mall, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. The protesters reportedly chanted “Shut it down!” as they marched through the mall.

Franks advertised the protest on Twitter beforehand.

From Stl Today:

About 50 people, including protesters and members of the news media, gathered in front of the St. Louis County Jail in Clayton, where the protesters apparently were taken. Some vowed to remain until the protesters were released.

“When they come out the door, we want them to know we’re here for them,” said the Rev. Darryl Gray, one of the organizers.

The protest was part of an economic boycott effort announced in early November by African-American clergy and activists over issues from police treatment of blacks to bank loan practices to infrastructure neglect in the northern part of St. Louis.

Franks was also arrested in early October 2017, too, via Riverfront Times:

It is 3 p.m. at the Justice Center in downtown St. Louis. Franks is one of 143 people arrested Tuesday night when protesters took to the highway, blocking I-64/40 for more than a half-hour. Tents are set up on the sidewalk, with fellow activists camping out overnight while they wait for their comrades to be freed. People have been released in a slow trickle throughout the day; Franks just got out about an hour and a half ago.

Those inside, he admits, knew in advance that there was a good chance they’d be going to jail.

“We knew it was a high possibility that we would get arrested,” he says. “We tried to organize around making it as safe as possible and not get arrested, but we know that’s always a possibility. And whenever we talk about going onto the highway, I mean — that risk goes all the way up.”

Pure craziness.

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