Democrat Mocks Sessions & Says He Looks Like a Woman, Then CNN Shreds Him Apart [Video]

You have to give props where they’re due, and liberal CNN just stepped up to the plate big time! Watch two CNN anchors absolutely SHRED California Democrat Ted Lieu for his incendiary remarks about AG Jeff Sessions…

From Gateway Pundit:

CNN’s Poppy Harlow asked Ted Lieu why he called AG Sessions a liar before he even started the hearing Tuesday morning. Lieu was also called out for a series of scathing tweets where he mocked Sessions’ looks.

“Your tweets about him (Sessions) being a liar before he appeared in front of you. Is that appropriate?”


Ted Lieu said he’s going to continue calling Republicans names.

CNN’s John Berman hit back again scolding Lieu and asked him, “Is that a grown-up thing to do?”

Lieu’s tweet:

More on Lieu regarding Sessions’ hearing, per The Hill:

During the questioning, Lieu suggested that Sessions lied to lawmakers when he failed to disclose the meetings during his confirmation hearing after being asked about contacts between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

“You did have communications with the Russians last year, isn’t that right?” Lieu pressed.

“I had a meeting with the Russian ambassador,” Sessions answered. “Yes.”

The exchange grew heated when Lieu told Sessions his responses suggest he is either lying to the Senate or the House.

“That is exactly the opposite answer you gave under oath to the U.S. Senate,” Lieu replied, referencing Sessions’s Jan. 10 confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. “Either you’re lying to the U.S. Senate, or you’re lying to the U.S. House of Representatives.”

BOOM! Lieu had nothing. Nothing!

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