Democrat Silenced After Viciously Bullying AG Sessions Over Russia Nonsense [Watch]

Many conservatives have not been thrilled with Jeff Sessions thus far into his time at the Justice Dept. That could all change if he decides to prosecute Hillary Clinton. While being grilled on Capitol Hill by Democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee, the Texas Congresswoman was silenced for badgering the attorney general.

From Daily Caller:

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was silenced during Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Tuesday testimony when she refused to let him answer a question.

During a House Judiciary Hearing with Sessions, Jackson Lee asked the AG if he stood by his previous testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Democratic lawmaker’s awkwardly phrased and roundabout question required Sessions to ask her to repeat it several times.

More, per Raw Story:

Sessions earlier testified that the “chaos” of Trump’s campaign was responsible for him forgetting about a meeting in which Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos had floated using his contacts within the Russian government to set up a direct meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In response to Lee’s questioning, Sessions again insisted that he would have told the Senate about the Papadopoulos meeting if he had recalled it because the record shows that he had pushed back on the campaign aide’s plan to set up a Trump-Putin meeting.

“I had not recalled that meeting when that occurred,” he said. “But I would have been pleased to have responded and explained it if I recalled it.”

More video:

Sorry not sorry, Sheila.

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