Democrats are Now Allowing Illegal Aliens to Receive FREE Lawyers [Details]

Democrats prove on almost a daily basis they care more for illegal aliens – whom they ignorantly refer to as “undocumented immigrants” – than they do American citizens. The proof is in the pudding – and the legislation. Now, detained illegals in major metro areas will receive free lawyers.

From Law and Crime via Weasel Zippers:

Each and every detained, undocumented immigrant facing deportation proceedings in eleven metropolitan areas will be offered free legal help soon.

The Vera Institute of Justice recently launched their Safety and Fairness for Everyone–or “SAFE” Cities Network campaign.

The campaign aims to alleviate a dearth of legal representation for undocumented immigrants caught up in the rolling nationwide dragnets instituted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) officials at the behest of the White House and Department of Homeland Security.


The inaugural cities, counties and communities involved in the SAFE Cities Network campaign are: (1) Atlanta, Georgia; (2) Austin, Texas; (3) Baltimore, Maryland; (4) Chicago, Illinois; (5) Columbus, Ohio; (6) Dane County, Wisconsin; (7) Oakland-Alameda County, California; (8) Prince George’s County, Maryland; (9) Sacramento, California; (10) San Antonio, Texas; and (11) Santa Ana, California.

More, per CNN Money:

Undocumented immigrants in New York who can’t afford a lawyer and are facing deportation will soon have access to free legal counsel.

The New York governor’s office said last week that it is allocating $10 million in its fiscal 2018 budget toward creating a legal defense fund “to ensure all immigrants, regardless of residency status, have access to representation.”

Unlike U.S. citizens, undocumented immigrants don’t have the right to free legal counsel.

Called the Liberty Defense Project, the funding is part of a public-private partnership with the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Ford Foundation. So far, the non-profit organizations have contributed $1.5 million, making the total funds available $11.5 million.

What a shame.

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