Democrats Rename Historic Jefferson/Jackson Dinner After the Obamas [Details]

Democrats have always been about redefining – whether we’re talking gay marriage, gender identity, the Constitution and everything in between.

Now, because Colorado Dems have a beef with former Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, they’ve decided to rename the Jefferson/Jackson dinner altogether.

Check it…

From Downtrend:

Pretty much all, if not all, state Democratic Parties hold an annual fundraising dinner named after Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. Because democrats hate these great Americans, much like they hate America, these dinners have become a point of contention with the radical leftists who think the two former presidents are evil racists. The democrats in Colorado have decided it’s too intolerable to be associated with white men who help found and shape our nation so they’ve renamed the dinner after the least great American of all time: Barack Obama.

More per The Hill:

The Colorado Democratic Party is renaming its annual dinner the “Obama Dinner.”

The dinner is being named after both former President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, with the party’s executive director Pilar Chapa saying the move was to recognize the couple’s “historic contributions.”

Chapa listed the passage of ObamaCare, economic growth and work on climate change as efforts that “cemented President Obama’s legacy as a transformational leader of our country.”


The dinner was originally called the “Jefferson-Jackson Dinner,” after Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

Before it’s all said and done, the Obamas will have their names on a lot of things.

Airports. Buildings. Shopping centers. You name it.

It’s a sad fact. But it will happen.

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