Despite McCain’s Constant Bashing, Classy Trump Calls to See How He’s Dealing with Cancer

Arizona Sen. John McCain constantly calls out President Trump. He’s also in the hospital currently dealing with his brain cancer. Despite their differences, 45 gave Cindy McCain a phone call wondering about the senator’s status.

From The Hill:

President Trump called Cindy McCain, the wife of Sen. John McCain, on Friday to check in on the senior Arizona Republican, who is in the hospital, according to media reports.

McCain was hospitalized this week at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington due to side effects from his cancer treatment.

More on McCain, per CNN:

Sources in the Senate tell CNN they have been worried about Sen. John McCain recently, following a week when the Arizona Republican was kept from the Senate to address side effects from his brain cancer treatment.

The sources described McCain as looking increasingly frail and said he has not spoken up in recent GOP meetings the way he had before, in addition to his absence this week for treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center.

One source said that McCain always used to speak up in these meetings, and that he hasn’t at all recently. The source was not commenting on McCain’s mental acuity, but on his energy level, and pointing out that his lack of participation was not normal. One well known side effect of cancer treatments is fatigue.


A great move from a great leader.

Trump gets stuff done because he cares. Hopefully, McCain will now get onboard with the MAGA agenda.

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