Disgraced FBI Director Comey Takes Not-So-Subtle Swipe at Trump, Patriots Deliver the Smack Down

Former FBI Director James Comey sent a cryptic tweet recently, pretty much taking direct aim at President Trump.

See for yourself…

From The Hill:

Former FBI Director James Comey said Sunday he hopes 2018 brings more “ethical leadership.”

In June, when Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee, he said Trump had asked for his loyalty during a January dinner at the White House.

Trump has disputed that claim.

More from New York Daily News:

While Comey did not mention Trump directly in his end of the year missive, the tweet follows in a series of messages where the lawman comments on current affairs without naming names.

Twitchy has responses from proud American patriots:

As you’re well aware, since he joined Twitter, former FBI Director James Comey has demonstrated an affinity for subtweeting President Trump, and this New Year’s Eve is no exception:

Sorry, not sorry, James.

You were fired for a reason and that’s because you weren’t trusted by the Trump administration or the American people.

Just go away!

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