Disrespectful Professor Turns American Flags Into KKK Hoods, Reason Why is Shocking the Nation

There are few things more disrespectful thank intentionally destroying Old Glory. The American flag remains a beacon of hope for millions around the world to this day. According to a far-left professor at the University of Miami, it is ‘art’ to turn the flag into KKK hoods.

From BizPac Review:

Billie Grace Lynn, an associate professor of sculpture at the university, used Old Glory to give shape to three KKK hoods, with the eye holes burnt out. She calls the offensive art the “American Mask.”

“[A] work suggesting that bigotry and racism are hiding behind our American flag,” a caption stated on her website.

The display plays off Democratic talking points that gestures of patriotism often seen from President Donald Trump are but a mask for his alleged hidden prejudices.

Pushing home the narrative, Lynn has the masks sitting on poles with bases shaped like Nazi swastikas.


Not cool – AT ALL! Does it get any more ridiculous than that?

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