Disturbing Liberal Rag Story Claims Trump is a Combo of Hefner and Hitler [Details]

The president of the United States is a combination of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and the leader of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler. A far left know-nothing actually wrote a story about it. Mind-boggling. Check it out…

From Truth Revolt:

In the December issue of Vanity Fair, writer James Wolcott does his best to deride President Donald Trump. Wolcott’s insult of choice is a derogatory comparison to the late Hugh Hefner. Ultimately, however, the leftist can’t resist falling back into that old left-wing habit of likening any given Republican leader to Hitler. Therefore, somehow, according to the loony Wolcott, Trump is a sort of Playboy Nazi. Wolcott titles his piece “What Donald Trump Learned from Hugh Hefner”:

“Is the presidency of Donald Trump the price America paid for Hugh Hefner’s sins? Did Playboy magazine’s gospel of monogrammed hedonism ultimately produce the tufted warlock in the White House, much as Charles Manson rattlesnaked out of the hippie ethos of free love?”

More, via Vanity Fair:

“‘The current president of the United States may be Hefner’s most sterling achievement,’ wrote Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker in September, shortly after the founder of Playboy magazine and its once fluffy bunny empire evacuated his waxen envelope of flesh at the age of 91. ‘Hefner may have . . . promoted the kind of persona that helped carry Donald Trump to the White House,’ the historian Gyorgy Toth speculated on the website ‘The Conversation.’”


“Even partial responsibility for Trump’s election is a heavy rap to lay on Hef’s mottled reputation, but affinities between the two glazed oglers are indisputable, as was their mutual-admiration society. Along with lording about like har-em masters (Hefner with the pneumatic Playmates and centerfolds at his Los Angeles mansion, Trump with the tiara-pursuing contestants in the cheesy beauty pageants he produced), both moguls promoted their brands as aspirational models, running their companies as patriarchal fiefdoms, extensions of their biorhythms and fidgets. (The Hefner described in Tom Wolfe’s 60s-era profile ‘King of the Status Dropouts,’ poking at the headboard dials of his round bed, trying to get the damned thing to revolve, is an innocuous precursor to Trump orchestrating chaos from his Twitter app.)”


“Trump picked up his cues for public indoctrination from (Hefner’s) Pajama Man. (According to The Nation’s architecture critic, Michael Sorkin) ’Trump’s politics are, like Hefner’s “Playboy Philosophy,” an impossible combination of liberalism, hedonism, bloviation, and misogyny.’ What makes this combo platter menacing to civic health is when you add Fascism to the menu. Sorkin posits a third bro looming in the background of these two stylish schlockmeisters: the glowering specter of Adolf Hitler. It is no secret that Trump kept a copy of Hitler’s speeches at his bedside, not exactly lullaby reading, and all three men were arch-merchandisers. “Hitler, Hefner, and Trump—the real rat pack—share a logo fetish (the swastika, the bunny, and the big T are among the most ubiquitous signifiers of their times) and a powerful fascination with building and design. Hefner in the Playboy Mansion, Hitler in the Berghof, and The Donald in his Trump Tower triplex are obsessed with self-corroboration by decorative context and the dramatic possibilities involved in the public marketing of a ‘private’ lifestyle.”

Does it get any more dumb than this? Talk about disturbing!

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