DNC Chief Rips Into President Trump, Labels Him “Cruel and Heartless” [Details]

President Donald Trump is “cruel and heartless.”

This comes from the head of the Democrat National Committee, Tom Perez, after the Trump administration’s decision to end the protected status of over 200,000 Salvadorans in America.

Check it out…

From Downtrend:

As you have probably figured out, democrats have no idea what words mean. Butchering the English language usually works to their advantage, but a misunderstanding of the definition of “temporary” has them hopping mad. President Trump ended a temporary program that allowed refugees from El Salvador to squat in the US, but after 17 years they need to go home. DNC head Tom Perez is super-pissed and calling the President “cruel and heartless” for sending 260,000 illegal Democratic Party voters back to their home.

Back in 2001 there were a couple of earthquakes in El Salvador. Because their shitty country was made a little shittier by the damage, 262,500 immigrants were given Temporary Protected Status (TPS) while El Salvador rebuilt the corrugated metal shacks and mud huts that people all live in. Things move slow in that part of the world, but the State Department has determined that after 17 long years these Salvadorans can return to their homes.

With that, the TPS of a quarter of a million Salvadorans has been revoked. They have until September 9, 2019 to either gain legal status or get the hell out.

More from The Hill:

“This is a cruel and heartless decision by a cruel and heartless president. By targeting those who were driven from their homes by environmental catastrophe and violence in El Salvador, Donald Trump is tearing more working families apart — putting their lives at risk, threatening our economy, and turning his back on the values that have made America great,” Perez said.


“America is great when we respond to humanitarian crises by helping those in need, not banishing them from our borders,” Perez said.

“Democrats believe that diversity and compassion are our country’s greatest strengths, and we will continue to fight for the courageous immigrant families who make our country better every day.”

Oh, Tom.

It’s not “cruel and heartless” to put America first – which 45 has done better than any president since Ronald Reagan.

Get it together, man!

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