Elizabeth Warren Slams ‘Openly Racist’ Trump in Disturbing MLK Day Speech (Details)

The people of Massachusetts didn’t do themselves any favors when they elected Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren to the Senate.

She has been an utter joke since joining Congress.

During an MLK day speech, Warren referred to President Trump as ‘openly racist.’

From The Hill:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) blasted President Trump on Monday as a “racist bully” during an annual breakfast honoring Martin Luther King Jr. in Boston.

“We face the challenge of an openly racist president of the United States,” Warren said, according to Boston Magazine. “Donald Trump is a racist bully, and we know how to deal with bullies. We don’t back down. We don’t shut up. We fight back.”

More from Boston Magazine:

She continued: “When a racist bully talks about people who march with white supremacists and Nazis as ‘very fine people.’ When he refers to ‘shithole’ countries in Africa, and when he uses that hateful rhetoric to push discrimination in America, you better believe: We will fight back!”

The comments in her speech come amidst a shift among some observers away from decrying individual actions or words from the president as “racist” (or one of its euphemistic cousins, like “racially charged” or even “divisive”), to leveling the charge at the man himself.

Warren is completely off her rocker.

Trump has never, ever shown signs of being racist.

Too bad the mainstream media is in the pocket of the Democrat Party. Otherwise, this sort of nonsense wouldn’t stand!

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